Estelle Leonard

Sometimes names hang around for notorious reasons. Sometimes, a writer on a pop-culture behemoth pulls someone obscure from history and gives them another run at life.

Estelle Leonard was a founding member of Alpha Chi Omega. Estelle Leonard became Joey Tribbiani’s agent on Friends.

Now, Estelle Leonard is my (new to me) 2002 Chrysler Sebring Limited convertible.

She is my fifth car, and she’s definitely the coolest and the nicest one I’ve ever had. She hit the road right around the time I got my learner’s permit, which makes us both experienced drivers.

My Volvo was a lot of fun. We took it on ski trips around Colorado. It helped us fix up the Farnum house when we moved in, and again when we moved out. We really got used to having a car we could fit almost anything into… Like new countertops or a washing machine.

oh jen darling

Estelle isn’t a workhorse of a car. She’s ready for a lot of John-Hughes-film-worthy photos and cruising up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. She’ll be a fun car for as long as it lasts.

Welcome to the family Estelle.

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