38 Hours


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Adam and I are home from our amazing 10 day trip to Thailand with our friends Julie and Dyfrig, who live in Philadelphia. It took us 38 hours to travel the 10,871 miles from Krabi to Los Angeles. We flew Thai Airways, ANA, and Delta to get home with stopovers in Bangkok (6 hours), Tokyo Haneda (almost 10 hours) and Minneapolis (2 hours). We sat in airports almost as long as we flew on airplanes, but we used my employee passes and got home for about $250 for both of us. Sometimes, instead of paying with money you pay with time.

We picked up Daphne last night, and she has gotten quite shaggy! She looks twice as large as her 16 lbs, and it’s fun to see her fluffed out like a sheep waiting to be sheared. Sherlock is coming home from the vet today. He had another urinary blockage 24 hours before we left, so he got to spend our vacation in the hospital. They said he’s doing well and eating lots. He even managed to convince them to let him run around the hospital (I wouldn’t have recommended that if they asked me first). 


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Now, I have to go through the 5,000 photos on my camera, the 58 videos and 1,000 photos on the GoPro, and the 5,000 photos Julie took on her camera. Not counting whatever is on our iPhones, we were super shutter happy. Our husbands were content to lie on the beach or the boat deck while we clicked away. Get excited for muddy elephants, crystal clear emerald water, and four very happy (but not always happy to pose for photos) Americans. It’s good to be home. 

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