How to Get Kicked Out of the Louvre

After about four miles of wandering, mom and I stopped for lunch at the Louvre. The first-floor cafe had sandwiches and Pellegrino out on the terrace. Basking in the sun, we refueled. 

Intellectuals from across the ages line the edges of the palace. We had a lovely view of their backsides.

With the Pyramid behind us, I knew I had to feed my Instagram. So we snapped a few shots. Including this one (my favorite from the whole trip).

I wish I had known mom was sticking her tongue out so I could have done it too.

But I wanted something a little different.

Y’all, you cannot sit here. Like Regina can’t sit with the Plastics for wearing sweatpants. A security guard very nicely told me to get off the ancient terrace wall. And I’m 100% certain that if I hadn’t, I would have been escorted out.

If my French had been more practiced, maybe I could have come up with something really sincerely apologetic, but I didn’t. I got my ass off the wall, and we went searching for the Mona Lisa.

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