Paris is Always a Good Idea

In April, I met up with my mom, Sue, at Detroit Metro Airport. She came from Fort Lauderdale and I came from Los Angeles. We stretched, ate Trader Joe’s salads, and caught up. Then we made our way to the gate for our connecting flight. Paris.

Sue got her first passport in January of this year. Yes, that’s right, the mother of a flight attendant who has lived in two other countries on two other continents didn’t own a passport for most of her life. This fact alone reminds me of how amazingly blessed I have been to travel.

So when she finally did get her passport, I took her to the first place she wanted to go.

The biggest perk of my job is being able to travel. And for this special trip, I got to give my mom business class seats to get there. We clicked champagne and fitfully tried to sleep in our lie-flat seats.

It took us an hour to get out of Charles de Gaulle airport because I had never left on public transit before. Groggy and slogging our luggage around, we stumbled out of Pont de l’Alma Metro station and onto the bank of the Seine.

Our first four nights we stayed in a charming flat three blocks from the Eiffel Tower. I booked the AirBNB thinking we were going to have two beds, but alas mom and I got to bunk.

Caroline, our host was very sweet and offered to help with recommendations. We also got to cuddle with her petite chien, Mila. Don’t tell Daphne.

Bonjour Mila!

It was fun to see the inside of one of the grand apartment buildings. An inner courtyard for lushness, tiny stairs for the smaller feet from hundreds of years ago, and a one-person elevator that stopped between floors instead of on them.

We really should have rested. But we were in Paris! So we headed out on a Sandeman’s free walking tour.

Our first picture in Paris! Ok technically the second, but the first was blurry!

Towards the end of our trip, Sue said: “we could have gone somewhere else, if there was somewhere you wanted to go more than Paris.”

To which I replied, “Mom, we’ve been planning this trip for 16 years. I was never going to take you anywhere else.”

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