Runyon Canyon

The best part about living near LA is everyone comes to visit.

My blogger friend/sorority sister Whitney came for west coast road trip in February. We spent a couple of hours hiking up Runyon Canyon talking about our life goals, our personal goals, our writing goals. We parked about a mile from the trailhead because if you want to hike any of the LA mountains you can’t park in the hillside neighborhoods.

Locals take this trail daily (which explains why LA people are so fit), and it’s steep going up the side we did. But slowly the skyline crept into view.

There was some heavy gulping for air on the steep trail. And a little sweating. I hate sweating. But we were rewarded with a nearly smog-free view of #DTLA.

Apparently, people want to make love locks a thing everywhere.

Can you spot the LA landmarks in this photo? The Hollywood sign all the way to the left. Griffith Observatory near the middle, and downtown LA on the right.

Here’s a little closer look at the Hollywood SIgn and Griffith Observatory.

In LA time it would take an hour to drive between them, even though they look close.

We weren’t the only ones resting at the top, checking out the view. If if you try really hard, you can see where downtown Santa Monica hits the shore, but it’s impossible to tell if that scrap of blue is sky or ocean.

This is the trail down the other side. The trail up was quite a bit more vertical. I like going up the hard way and coming down the easy way. Less sweating. I was hoping for a peek-a-boo ocean view on the way down, but sadly no.

By the end of our hour and a half together, sweat and all, Whitney and I had touched on GOd, relationships, moving to Europe, and our insatiable need to travel. I think without this hike, we would never have gone to Prague together in June, which was a slow, steady blast. I’m looking forward to our next excursion already.

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