oh jen darling


Oh Jen Darling

I’d like to say my husband says that to me all the time, shaking his head at a crazy idea or bad joke. But really, I’m the one who says it more. This, darling, is my personal blog focused on spaces: the immediate space in the home and the greater space in the world that’s there to explore. 

I’m a Southern girl who likes iced tea and champagne, glittery Kate Spade bags and Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and rugged rucksacks that can take me anywhere in the world. My husband Adam and I live in Ventura County, California, between LA and Santa Barbara. We’ve recently sold our first home (our Farnum fixer-upper) and are enjoying taking our dog Daphne to the beach. Our cat Sherlock is the ultimate lap cat. 

I’m a writer and a flight attendant sometimes by day, and sometimes by night. I’m currently writing my second novel (and if you’d like to read the trainwreck of my first, don’t hesitate to ask!) and focusing on my writing career whenever I’m on the ground. 

oh jen darling

Please connect with me, share ideas, and ask for an opinion. My iPhone has lasted through hiking a glacier in New Zealand, Congressional elections in Washington D.C., trying teriyaki turtle in Beijing, and has yet to fall off a kayak or a sailboat. Though, it did fall in the creek kayaking with Daphne, and survived. 

oh jen darling; daphne tripawd

I hope you enjoy!

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