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Painting a Pink Powder Room

Once I had all the 1970s wallpaper down from the main first floor bathroom, I had to get it painted. Like many of the rooms in our house, the ceiling was yellow from decades of cigarettes and was more than 40 years from a coat of paint. Here’s where we left off. I sanded down… Click to keep reading!
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How To Remove Wallpaper in 2 Steps

Since we’ve moved in, I’ve had two or three moments where projects have just kind of happened. The first major one was one Saturday night a few weeks after we moved in. I decided it would be a great idea to take a crowbar to the bulkhead in the kitchen. I had another moment… Click to keep reading!
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Cleaning Out My Project Overload

I’ve been thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for this year, and while there are lots of HUGE things (my new job that I love, our great traveling, opportunities to see friends and family after far too long….) there was one ordinary day where a small act shot me to the… Click to keep reading!
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DIY Grasscloth Console Table

As I’ve been digging around the Interwebs for my next project, I’ve absolutely loved the DIYs that Camilla shares on Effortless Style. She recently created her own Parsons-style grasscloth console table, and makes it look so easy I might try it this winter. Here are the key parts to her project. For full instructions check… Click to keep reading!