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Bonfire Night

Happy bonfire night! The fifth of November is one of my favorite holidays. Celebrated in Commonwealth countries (The UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, etc.), bonfire night commemorates Guy Fawkes and his compatriots who tried to blow up Parliament in London in 1605. Celebrating that King James escaped the “Gunpowder Plot,” the country lit bonfires… Click to keep reading!
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4th of July: Sparklers and Strawberries

Happy fifth of July! Adam and I had an absolute blast at our friend Allison + Tyler’s barbecue yesterday. And oh boy did Daphne have fun too. She was dragging all morning! Remember how I recommended to pick one easy recipe and one hard recipe if you were bringing something to a barbecue? Well I… Click to keep reading!
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How To: Pick a Recipe for a Fourth of July for a Food Contest

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Adam and I are going to a¬†barbecue¬†for the Fourth tomorrow. Our friends have an edibles contest, and I’m calling it that because I’m not entirely sure if everything will be edible. Everyone brings something a little crazy to try and somehow they choose a winner. I’m hoping it will be…… Click to keep reading!