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10 Backpacker Stereotypes

Another blog, “My Travel Adventure,” has compiled a list of 10 backpacker stereotypes. I think it’s interesting so I’m reposting the list here: 10 Backpacker Stereotypes You’ll Meet on the Road There is no doubt that having an open mind and a level of tolerance for differences in cultures is essential for any backpacker during… Click to keep reading!

The Official Classy Packing List

Tomorrow, I’m heading to California. I’ve spent the last 2 days trimming down my iTunes collection so it’ll fit on my iPhone and copying whatever files I want onto my flash drive. I’m doing one load of laundry tomorrow and buying a new Too Faced mascara from Sephora. So I finally figured out everything I’m… Click to keep reading!

Travel Friendly J. Crew

I’ve been perusing through my own wardrobe, my favorite J. Crew chino shorts, v-neck boyfriend tees and Italian-inspired cardigans ready to go, but I thought it would be fun to put together a new backpacker friendly wardrobe off the Crew’s current stock.  Since we’re all facing tough times, a few choice items have been pulled… Click to keep reading!