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oh jen darling


It’s been almost 6 months since my last post which tells me a lot about the priority blogging has in my life right now (almost none). But I do want to share some updates on the house. Just dropping the bomb right away: Adam accepted a job in California and started two weeks ago! So… Click to keep reading!
oh jen darling

How To Remove Wallpaper in 2 Steps

Since we’ve moved in, I’ve had two or three moments where projects have just kind of happened. The first major one was one Saturday night a few weeks after we moved in. I decided it would be a great idea to take a crowbar to the bulkhead in the kitchen. I had another moment… Click to keep reading!
jen darling

Converting Step Three: Digging Down

The final step in turning on our new gas line was actually getting the gas run up to the house. Once we ordered our new furnace we probably had about four to six weeks between steps One and Two. Working with our local utility company it took us four months to get our gas line… Click to keep reading!
jen darling

Converting Step Two: Honey We Shrunk the Furnace

Once we got rid of the oil tank, we could upgrade our furnace. Here’s the original one: We think it’s from the 1970s or 1980s. Either way, it is older than Adam and I. It came right out in a couple of quick easy steps. One of the covers came off so the pieces could… Click to keep reading!

Converting Step One: Striking Oil

Adam and I had a bit of sticker shock last winter. We were expecting to spend about $1000 on oil to heat our house. Boy was that an underestimate. We ended up spending over $3000. On top of that, the company we had contracted to deliver the oil couldn’t stay on our driveway: they kept… Click to keep reading!