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Some Days

Some days you just feel like this. Nothing is quite fitting into place. Everything is taking a little longer than you want. Your hair dryer decides to stop working when you have just the top left (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). Your puppy might have a bug and you hope she didn’t eat… Click to keep reading!
jen darling by j.k.h. nelson

Pure Blonde

One of the great things about travelling is finding new things that you love. Pure Blonde beer is one of my favorites. It also helps that I’m a natural blonde, so every time I wear this hat its an inside joke. Allegedly only 2% of adults are naturally blonde. Every time I think about going… Click to keep reading!

Cotton On

While on a last-minute Christmas shopping trip at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Sarasota, FL, we stumbled upon one of my favorite shops: Cotton On. If you’ve never been, Cotton On is a great spot to pick up inexpensive on-trend pieces and lots of super-soft basics. Cotton On and I met while I was living… Click to keep reading!

Happy Birthday to Me

I love birthdays. Growing up in a big family, my birthday was the one day a year when (in theory) I didn’t have to fight my siblings for attention. My mom would make me palaces out of ice cream and our house would be throwing up pink balloons for days. Like this birthday party my… Click to keep reading!