Press Release: SuperGlobal Airlines Announces Contract with McKillop Co. For 26 New Aircraft

OKLAHOMA CITY- SuperGlobal Airlines announced a contract with McKillop Co. for 26 new aircraft to be purchased over the next two years.

The original plan called for a purchase of 63 aircraft during the next two-year period. That number has been cut to 26 aircraft to save money while modernizing SuperGlobal’s aircraft fleet. According to Cassidy, this is a survival strategy.

“SuperGlobal will continue to exercise flexibility in aircraft acquisition,” said SuperGlobal CEO Michele Cassidy. “We will control our size to meet the needs of our passengers and the economic environment.”

Two new aircraft will join the SuperGlobal fleet every two months, a decision altered by the decrease in passenger air travel. SuperGlobal employees support Cassidy and her decision to purchase fewer modern aircraft.

“This is a fabulous idea,” said Herman Ringler, assistant mechanic for SuperGlobal. “I trust Michele Cassidy completely.”

SuperGlobal Airlines is the world’s second largest passenger airline. It offers more than 4,200 flights daily to 390 destinations worldwide including 67 countries. SuperGlobal is a publicly traded company.


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