Strategic Message Planner: Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County

Client and product

The WRC provides services and programming to women in Alamance County. Based in Burlington, N.C., the WRC helps displaced homemakers and families in transition through programming and resources, creating an individual plan for each client. Membership in the WRC is available and there are special programs for members such as Working Women’s Wednesday, a monthly lecture and luncheon, book clubs, cooking classes, etc. The WRC also puts on events for the community at large such as Oktoberfest and the Herb Festival, the main two fundraisers for the WRC, as well as parenting workshops.

The New Choices program is the main service of the WRC, providing educational and networking opportunities, individual coaching, self-sufficiency planning, support, and information regarding community resources.  Participants apply and are accepted based on need and available resources.


Target audience

The target audience for this ad is women in Alamance county and surrounding counties Guilford, Orange, and Chatham who do not need assistance but are unaware of the New Choices program. They are between the ages of 25-50 and may have a college education.

These women have children and are homemakers or work minimal part time. Their family may not be the most stable, but they are in no immediate need of the resources offered by the program. They currently have a household income of over $50,000 annually. These women currently have or have had their children in a daycare program.

Product benefits

The New Choices program helps displaced homemakers find a job, make a household budget, network, and with legal issues, education and health issues as needed.

Current brand image

The WRC is known as an active member of the community. The Herb Festival is their biggest event, with some of their smaller programs being popular as well. However the New Choices program may not be as well-known and needs more recognition in the community.

Desired brand image

Ideally, the target audience will view the New Choices program as an available resource. The program will be recognizable even to women who do not need the services offered by the New Choices program.

Direct competitors and brand images

The closest competitor is Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro which provides similar services to WRC of Alamance County, including the New Choices program.

The next competitor is the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service (in Guildford County) which supports both men and women in periods of transitioning. This organization works more directly with the homeless; residential facilities are available.

Indirect competitors and brand images

Indirect competitors include Family Abuse Services (Burlington, N.C.), an organization directed towards victims of domestic violence, including but not limited to displaced homemakers. FAS offers some programming, but more mental and monetary support than coaching and networking. Also, Family Service of the Piedmont has offices in Greensboro and High Point. This organization focuses on rebuilding troubled families and offers similar services to WRC.

Advertising goal

To reach a larger audience and increase membership in the WRC by making the organization and the New Choices program more of a ‘household name’ and recognizable to women who do not need the program’s services.

Strategic message

New Choices can get you on the right road. Put independence back in your life.

Supporting benefits

Feature                                                                     Benefit                                                                       

Free services                                                            No cost

Many different services                                         Resources and options

Individual program                                                Focuses on needs of each client

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