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The Hospital Tour

This is definitely not a post that I ever expected to write. Many of you know (but some do not) that I was in the hospital last week for two emergency surgeries for a blood clot in my subclavian vein. Here’s the story. On Tuesday June 16th I woke up in Phoenix, Arizona on a… Click to keep reading!
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Burning Down the House

I have shied away from posting about our non-house adventures, but this past weekend I ended up with so many great photos – and a lot of things on fire – so I wanted to share. Friday Adam and I went to Napoleon, Ohio for the wedding of one of my flight attendant friends Megan.… Click to keep reading!
oh jen darling

Ivy League

I am really good at starting projects without telling Adam and then expecting him to help me finish them – or do more heavy lifting than he anticipates. Like that one time when we first moved in and I took a crow bar to our kitchen while Adam wasn’t paying attention. Last weekend (Memorial Day) … Click to keep reading!