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Puppy Talk

Daphne is lying next to me on the couch snoring. I don’t mean the loud honk that some people make. More of a gentle wheeze that lets you know she is running in her sleep, chasing squirrels or tennis balls. Or Sherlock. We’re now 8 weeks out from her surgery. Some days she doesn’t like… Click to keep reading!
Unhappy Daphne

Paws Crossed

Daphne had her surgery yesterday and it went very well. The surgeon said it all went according to plan, nothing unexpected happened. Which is exactly what you want. We visited her briefly in the hospital last night and she seemed to be doing OK. Understandably, she didn’t understand why she was there, what had happened,… Click to keep reading!
2015-11-04 Daphne in the Fall

3 Legged Daphne

This morning, Daphne and I went to UPenn’s Ryan Veterinary Hospital for a second oncology consultation. Everyone fell in love with her – from the staff checking us in to the four doctors we spoke with. We got her biopsy results back two weeks ago. Daphne’s diagnosis is a chondrosarcoma tumor. It’s most likely benign,… Click to keep reading!